Military / Paramilitary Training

The following gives a broad outline to the courses, the exact details are worked out by our instructors keeping in mind the size of the training group / climbing facilities available / physical and mental ability of the training group / previous experience of the climbing group / location / availability of natural rocks which need to be combined at most times for effective training module.

Basic Course

Duration of course :  5 days.

Course curriculum :
– Introduction to climbing equipment
– Learning knots
– Learn basic climbing movements on the bouldering wall
– Learn how to use the holds and body positions on the wall
– Top rope climbing on the wall – Grades up to 5a to 6a
– Belaying techniques – Top roping
– Anchor building for top rope climbing
– Demonstration of lead climbing and speed climbing

Intermediate Course

Eligibility :  Basic course.
Duration of Course : 7 days.

Course curriculum:
– Top rope climbing setting up / belay / anchor
– Top rope climbing routes of 5a to 6a
– Lead climbing practice / clipping rope the right way
– Body positions while clipping the rope for lead climbing
– Learn dynamic belaying / practice belaying the leader
– Resting and identifying the rest positions
– Body positions while on an overhanging face
– How to improve climbing grade and ability to climb at least 6a

Advance Course

Eligibility :  Need to climb at least 6a grade
Duration of course : 14 days

Course curriculum :
– Aerobic workouts/ stretching
– Lead climbing practice up to 6a grade
– Roof encounters practice
– Learn advance techniques like hip turns / knee drops / Plage
– Visualisation exercise Reading the route and resting points
– On sight and redpointing routes
– Techniques of better success on On -sighting routes
– Competition training difficulty as well as speed
– Rules’ and regulations
– Mental training for competition climbing
– Interval training for competition climbing to cover Power / endurance / Power -endurance
– Introduction to periodization and push muscles

International Competition Module

Eligibility :Redpoint grade 7c / 8a
         On sight grade 7b.
 Duration of course:  21 days

Course curriculum:
– Aerobic workouts / stretching
– Visualisation techniques for on sight climbing
– Meditation and relaxation techniques for competition climbing
– Interval training to target Power / endurance and power-endurance
– Periodization of climbing / training modules to “peak at the right time”
– Working the push muscles
– Difficulty and speed competition training
– Diet and supplements