Are climbing walls for everyone?
Well, almost always! Starting age 6, everyone can be a climber and that includes you.


Do you custom build walls?
Yes, we do. We customize the walls to best suit your needs, be it for recreation, training or getting the best view around.


Can these be installed indoors or outdoors?
Our weather resistant walls can be installed both indoors as well as outdoors, making for the perfect all-year-round climbing set up.


Will the walls be built on existing structures or will you build a structure?
Have an existing structure you’d like to build a wall on? This might be possible once we’ve evaluated and tested it to ensure it’s strong enough to support the wall.

Else we’ll build a sturdy free standing structure on which the wall can be mounted.

Either way, we’ve got you covered.


What about safety during climbing?
We provide turnkey solutions that include evaluation of the structure, installation, safety equipment as well as training to make sure every climb is a safe climb.


Can the skill level of the wall be altered?
Once installed, the wall holds can be reconfigured to adjust the difficulty and keep you discovering new routes constantly.


Are we climbers?
Yes, we are! Being very familiar with the walls and equipment is integral to building the best artificial rock walls in the sub-continent.